What is horsemanship and why it is important?

Horsemanship is such a broad term and is defined as ‘the art of riding, handling, and training horses. Good horsemanship requires that a rider control the animal’s direction, gait, and speed with maximum effectiveness and minimum efforts.’, by Britannica.

You might hear the term Natural Horsemanship used a lot, personally I do not use this term as I believe human interaction with horses isn’t natural, as the horses we have today are domesticated and not truly wild. This being said, the idea of being at one with your horse, to build your communication and trust to create the best possible relationship together is something I strongly believe in.

Horsemanship encompasses everything you do with your horse in all disciplines at all levels, and with everything there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ examples and training methods, but I am sure you already have some skills under your belt.

First steps video

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