Video Release Information

  • I, herein authorise Ross Nickless Horsemanship / Ross Nickless to use, edit, copy, exhibit, distribute and use any video or videos of me for any lawful purpose. 
  • The authorisation I provide herein extends to all languages, formats, and media that have been discovered now or will later be discovered.
  • The term of this authorisation is indefinite and will be active unless I revoke it in writing.
  • Hereby, I also waive my right to approve and/or inspect a product where I appear or my likeness appears.
  • I also agree and state that I have been compensated for this use of my likeness and/or have agreed to these video release conditions without compensation. 
  • I hereby waive all and any rights to all royalties or any other compensation in any form when it comes to the use of the video or videos indicated in this form.
  • I consent that the materials will be the sole property of Ross Nickless Horsemanship / Ross Nickless and shall not be returned to me.
  • I release Ross Nickless Horsemanship / Ross Nickless from any liability, petitions, and causes of actions caused by me or by my heirs, executives or any other party and will hold him/her harmless.